15 Aug

Best Apps for Saving Money in 2018

If you often find yourself wondering where all your money went at the end of the month, you seriously need to start managing your finances. Don’t worry, because there is plenty of great apps that can help you plan and track your spending, as well as save money. Then you can even start putting a bit of your money aside to use for entertainment purposes and have fun. If you like sports betting, you can even check out the review of the Rushbet bonus code online and discover other offers that can help you save money while still living the life you want.


This is one of the most encompassing personal finance apps out there. It has lots of helpful features for tracking financial activity from all your bank accounts. If you have iPad, it will give you graphs and charts of your cash flow and net worth. Every time you make a transaction, this app automatically records and categorizes it, allowing you to see and analyse your spending patterns. Mint also creates a budget for you based on the data provided. It is completely safe to use: protected by password and you can easily deactivate it from the Mint website in the case of emergency. Best of all: it’s completely free!

Available for: Android and iOS


With this app you will find all the best Groupon deals in your area, and regularly get notified of discounts, often in the range of 50-90% off, on everything from retailers to restaurants and hotels. New deals and promo codes will appear instantly on your mobile and you can redeem them immediately.

Available for: Windows, iOS, and Android

Amazon Local

Similar to Groupon, this is an app specifically designed for tracking Amazon deals in your local area. If you often buy on Amazon, this app can help you save up to 75% buy finding great deals and letting you make instant purchases, without having to print coupons and vouchers. You can even set preferences to let the app know which deals you want to be notified about.

Available for: iOS, Android, and Kindle Fire


This is a free app that helps you save money each month by calculating how much you can afford to save and transferring a small amount of money to a separate savings account. The calculation is made based on information about your spending gathered from your online banking account. Most UK bank accounts are compatible with it. Your data is protected by the 256-bit grade encryption, the same standard of protection used by banks.

Available for: iOS, Android


Say goodbye to a wallet stuffed with loyalty cards. Stocard is a free app that lets you store your loyalty cards and vouchers digitally on your phone, making them much easier to use. Simply ask the cashier to scan a barcode from your phone and your points will automatically go to your loyalty card.

Available for: iOS


Here is a great way to save on groceries! MySupermarket app compares prices across 15 supermarkets to find the best deals. App is independent from the supermarkets and dedicated to finding best prices for customers. Their webpage promises 30% average savings. App shows you articles on discount and lets you know when you should swap to a cheaper alternative and if you can get the same article for less money in another supermarket.

Available for: Android, iOS