6 Sep

How to Give Back to the Community

In order to get the most out of life, you need to do something selfless, something that will help and bring joy to people in need. There are even studies that have found that consistently helping others comes with some important benefits like lower risk of experiencing depression, greater calm, and improved health.

If you too want to make a difference in this world and contribute to the common good, here are some tips on how to give back to the community.

There are different ways to give back, by donating money or giving your time. If your financial status allows you, you can help other by DONATING TO CHARITY. Find a charitable organization you feel called to support and make a habit of donating some money every month. 

There are charities that have a mission linked to a particular cause and others that don’t have a specific cause, being interested in generally helping members of the community.

Regardless of what kind of organization you choose to donate to, it will surely touch someone else’s life in a positive way. If you don’t have money to give, you can still help by donating other things, like clothing, furniture, books, food or toys.

Another way to help others is to VOLUNTEER YOUR TIME AND SKILLS. When you have found an organization you want to support, you can give your time as a volunteer. For instance, you can volunteer at your local school, an animal shelter or a care center; or if you are a lawyer, you can offer free legal consulting to organizations that support domestic violence victims or troubled teenagers.

People who have a special gift or skill can also offer to help others who need something done that involves that specific skill. For example, if you’re good at web design, you can help your favorite charity to improve their website. If you are a handyman, you can give back by helping organizations or even neighbors with household fixes.

Another great way to support your local community is to BUY LOCAL as often as possible and promote businesses in your area. Local companies, for instance, can also support the community by allocating a small space on their website to link to their favorite local businesses.

And if you want to make someone happy, ORGANIZE A STAGE SHOW at a nursing center or senior home. This will involve more people from the community (like the church choir or college a capella group) and it will bring so much joy to people in these center, many of whom suffer from loneliness. And finally, a small gesture that will make someone’s day is to BUY SOMEONE’S LUNCH.  Anyone would be pleasantly surprised to receive a free meal out of the blue.