27 Sep

Top Fundraising Ideas

When you and the nonprofit organization you support have found some good causes to raise money for, it’s time to look into some inventive and appealing fundraising ideas that will pique the interest of as many supporters as possible.

These ideas need to be catchy and engaging enough to convince even the most avid gambler to abandon their plans of trying sports betting online with Buffalo Wild Wings and direct his or her money to your cause instead. We understand that raising money is no easy task, that’s why we compiled this list of our top fundraising ideas that could help you attract more funds.

Set up an online donation campaign

This seems to be the simplest and quickest way to raise money for charity and other causes nowadays. All you have to do is find a trustworthy Crowdfunding platform, create an account and set up an Online Donation page. In order to make sure that people will be interested to donate to your cause, make sure to write a good fundraising request pitch, maybe even include some photos or videos, and then promote your fundraising page online, on social media, local news channels, radio stations, and so on.

Envelope fundraiser

This is an easy and inexpensive fundraising idea, as all you need are some envelopes and a board, but it has high chances of bringing your cause some money. This method has been regularly used in churches and schools, but it also works very well in organizations.

For those out of the loop, the envelope fundraiser consists in writing down numbers on some envelopes (you decide how many envelopes you want to use) and pin them to the bulletin board, which must be placed in a centralized location. People who want to donate to your cause simply have to pick the envelope that has the number corresponding to the amount they want to give and put the money inside.

Hosting a garage sale


If you don’t have a lot of time to think of a bigger fundraising event, you can host a garage sale with your family and friends. It will help you get rid of things you don’t need or want anymore and raise money for your cause.

After gathering all the items you want to sell for charity, promote your garage sale in advance on social media, then open shop and wait for people to show up.

T-Shirt Fundraiser

This is the kind of idea that benefits both the charity organization and the supporters, as the campaign organizers will raise money for their cause while the donors end up with a custom-made t-shirt in exchange for their contribution. Just think about it as a way to promote your non-profit, as people wearing branded t-shirt will increase interest in your cause. There are other items that can be branded and sold to raise money as well, like hats, mugs, pens, and so on.

What you have to do is team up with a merchandise company that will brand your products and ship them to donors.   

Charity Auction

Unlike other fundraising events, charity auctions are not that easy to set in motion, but they are worth all the effort as they pay off with big rewards (meaning significant donations). Charity auctions are popular among nonprofits, which usually have a procurement committee that takes care of finding unique items to put up for auction.